Available courses

Laboratories have a professional obligation to provide accurate and reliable analytical results to customers. The laboratory should justify the customers trust by providing the correct answer to the analytical part of the problem, in other words, results that have a demonstratable 'fitness for purpose' Analytical method validation is one of the measures universally recognized by laboratories as a necessity for a comprehensive system of quality assurance. Reliable analytical results are required for compliance with international regulations in almost all areas of analysis. Method validation is an essential component of the measure that laboratories should employ to ensure that they produce accurate and reliable results, hence ensuring business continuity.

Who Should Attend?

  • Laboratory Managers/Supervisors
  • Laboratory Equipment Suppliers
  • Quality & Technical Managers/ Directors
  • Pathologists/Technologists
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Department Supervisors
  • Forensic Analysts (for laboratories)
  • Chief Chemists